Few Suggestions

Sugestões sobre os teste e o que pode mudar para melhorar a jogabilidade/balanceamento do jogo.
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Few Suggestions

Mensagempor Adposatnr » Sáb Jun 24, 2017 2:55 pm

1. Add english chat ingame theres like ~20-30 english only speakers and we could talk and catch up everyone much easier with that chat
2. Make weapons with low attack so we can train on others also let us attack each other on party with pvp mode on
3. Make skills description more clear (even if its in portuguese we can use translation) i've picked terrour which is useless spell and waste of points
4. Is there any way to reset talents? Should because its impossible to max everything (around 90 points just to have everything on 1 lvl which is 90lv)

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